Vida Yoga Class Descriptions

Sweet Vida *
This practice will focus on nurturing the body by emphasizing body awareness, alignment and breath work (pranayama). Music and inspirational readings will be incorporated to aid and encourage students to go within themselves. Students will be given variations and modifications in order to mold the practice to their level.  It’s a SWEET spot for newer yogi’s!

Gentle Vida *
This class is designed to be soothing and restorative. Gentle Vida will introduce the student to the basic principles of alignment and technique, while slowly stretching and strengthening the body with the use of props and breath.  Instructor will emphasis relaxation with meditation and intentional movement.  Gentle for EVERYbody and everyBODY.

Pre-Natal *
Pre-Natal Holy Yoga provides a unique opportunity for pregnant women to celebrate the amazing gift of life in their unborn baby and by preparing the body, mind, and spirit for the elements of birth and delivery.  It’s can improve quality of sleep, decrease low back pain, while increasing strength and flexibility of muscles needed in delivery. $10/ class

Holy Yoga */ **
Holy Yoga is not a religion. It is a practice of aligning the body combined with breath work and mindful intention on God. Holy Yoga was designed for and is dedicated to facilitating the experiential worship and celebration of God through movement and meditation. Jami will guide your Holy Yoga practice as you connect to and glorify God in your mind, body and soul.

Vida Weekend **
Vida Weekend is a collaborative one hour multi level class. Instructor and students will work together to prepare a practice that fulfills the needs of each yogi. Cooperative, unique, YOURS

Vida Vinyasa **/ ***
Chaturanga (that’s yogi speak for push up!).  Vida Vinyasa links breath and movement to exercise your body and free your mind.  Vinyasa includes core work, balance and creative yogi sequences.  Room is gently heated increase muscle mobility.

Yoga Fusion */ **/ ***
Combines traditional yoga asana with fun strengthening and interval training.  Expect an increased heart rate with a little sweat!  This class will offer a balance of a power workout and muscle lengthening and stretching.  Modifications and options are always available and all fitness levels are welcome!

What to be prepared for at Vida Yoga classes (physical expectations):

*  class guided at a basic level; options offered to “rev it up”!

**  instructed at an intermediate level; suggestions “tone it down” OR “elevate the physicality”.

***  taught at an advanced level; options provided to “soften and temper” the practice.


GROOVE is the SIMPLIEST DANCE/Fitness CLASS in the WORLD –  NO Fancy steps or choreography to memorize just ridiculously simple movement connected to make you wanna DANCE music.  Take a CHANCE and come DANCE!  Click our schedule for GROOVE party times!