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Gentle Vida


This class is designed to be soothing and restorative. Gentle Vida will introduce the student to the basic principles of alignment and technique, while slowly stretching and strengthening the body with the use of props and breath.  Instructor will emphasis relaxation with meditation and intentional movement.  Gentle for EVERYbody and everyBODY.

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 quick class descriptions:

  • Sweet Vida will break down poses and asana.  Focus on alignment.  New to yoga?  Start Here!
  • Vida Vinyasa moves a bit quicker. Flow and breath and motion.
  • Holy Yoga Community is our DONATION BASED class Sunday evenings at 7:00
  • GROOVE “ain’t” yoga!!!  Think united yet unique and unified dance party.
  • Other Vida class options are a hybrid of of these adding meditation and inspiration in various ways.